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      Product List
      Technological Research and Development

      Through more than three years of scientific research and development with technological innovation as well as the laboratory tests, medium-size tests and industrial trial operation, the mid-term test result of "producing sodium nitrate from saltpeter" was appraised as "Being the lead in China and Advancement in the world" by the Scientific and Technological Department of the Autonomous Region on June, 2007.

      The mid-term test result of "converting sodium nitrate into potassium nitrate" was appraised as "Advancement in China " by the Scientific and Technological Department of the Autonomous Region on January, 2008. At present, our company has obtained 12 national technological patents, which fill in many gaps in China.

      The successful development of the saltpeter resources not only did realize the conversion of the scientific and technological achievement, filling in many gaps in China and owning the intellectual right, bu also provide the template and technological parameters for the upcoming large-scale development of the Company.