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      Product List
      Long-term development plan

      According to the "general development programme of the saltpeter resources in GUMUTAGE, Xinjiang Region" and the general planning of 1.2 million metric tons of  annual production capacity of potassium (sodium) nitrate, which will be completed on three stages. 300,000 tons project of which on its first stage is under construction with the total investment of 1.5 billion Yuan RMB and will be completed in 2012. After putting it into operation, it will meet the demand of high quality potash fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer and industrial applications. The Company will become the largest producers for Potassium and Sodium Nitrate in Asia.

      Our company will develop the NPK fertilizers, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, soluble dripping irrigation fertilizer and other kinds of fertilizers through making full use of the main products potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate and will also achieve the comprehensive utilization and increase the added-value on the products and develop the circulative economy by utilizing the by-products sodium chloride and sodium sulphate as well as the rich local coal and power resources.